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Self-defence Tactics

Fighting Instinct

We provide Self-defence Tactics to equip individuals with skills set to handle hostile and dangerous situations. The key is to keep it simple, move and counter fast and be direct.

Tactical Shooting

Stay Focus

We help to develop skills for individuals who wish to use pistol as a primary firearm in a tactical environment. You will practice skills that will reduce your reaction time, allow you to shoot faster with higher degree of accuracy, and increase your confidence with your handgun. This course also prepare you to handle the most challenging tactical shooting situations.

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Aviation Security

Fast & Furious

Aviation Security Training are very dynamic and requires many skills set to handle situation like disruptive passenger, profiling of passengers, shooting in a confine space. Trainees will be trained to move fast and swiftly inside a commercial aircraft.

VIP Protection

Train Hard, Fight Easy

Deftact runs under the expert guidance of Ex-VIP Closed Protection Group, Executive Protection Officers and police officers. Our trainers came with several years of combined experience in government establishments, private security, and operations management.

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Ops Tactics

Command & Control

We provide Ops Tactical Training in helping to stay competence and well trained. We are able to customise training programs to suit your needs and requirements. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you.