Team Management

Historical Hike

Benny Kang

Founder of Deftact

Mr. Benny started his police career in 1995 and ended his police service in 2013. He has a wealth of security experiences from government and corporate sector. Prior to this, Benny spent 12 years with the Police Security Command (SecCom), working alongside numerous specialist positions, including Personal to the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew (first Prime Minister of Singapore), Counter Assault Unit (CAU), Air Marshal Unit (AMU) and Head Trainer of AMU. His last posting was with the Police Headquarter under Security & Counter Terrorism (SCT) Department, in-charge of protecting the soil of Singapore. He planned, operated and managed operations against hard-line terrorists and criminal groups and conducted numerous audits and Red Teaming exercises to ensure watertight security in Singapore. Benny holds Master of Security Management (MSM) and Diploma in Management & Police Studies.

David Chng

Head Consultant

David Chng is the Head Consultant at Deftact, providing risk management and protective security operations and support. He has over 20 years of experience in protective security as well as events security management. Prior to joining Deftact, David served the Singapore Police Force for 6 years. He was deployed under the VIP Protection Unit responsible for Cabinet Ministers of Singapore and also foreign Heads of State. After leaving the police service, he continued his passion in VIP protection and has managed numerous executive protection programs and high-profile events throughout the Asia Pacific region. David has also headed several Close Protection Teams for high net-worth individual both in Singapore and Asia regions.